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EMPowerplus™ Q96 May Help Ease Substance Addiction,

New Study Reports


New findings add to growing body of research on micronutrient supplement for brain health.

Pleasant Grove, Utah.

The micronutrient formula EMPowerplus Q96 may help ease substance addiction, in addition to calming symptoms of depression, ADHD and anxiety, a new study found.

The research, “Use of micronutrients attenuates cannabis and nicotine abuse as evidenced from a reversal design: a case study,” was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (Volume 45, April—June 2013). The entire study can be viewed here:

"As part of a wider investigation of the impact of micronutrients (mostly vitamins and minerals) on psychiatric symptoms, such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression, and anxiety, we observed that many participants reduced or eliminated use of alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis,” the researchers noted in the study abstract.

The study details the results of a reverse on-off study with a 20-year-old male taking EMPowerplus over a span of 15 months. The subject’s cannabis and nicotine use, in addition to depression, ADHD and anxiety symptoms, reduced significantly with regular use of the supplement.

The researchers offer two possible explanations for the findings: “Micronutrients, by assisting with mood regulation and reductions in anxiety, may assist with successful cessation of drug use. Alternatively, they may directly impact the brain reward circuitry believed to be involved in the expression of addictions, thereby providing the appropriate precursors and cofactors necessary for adequate neurotransmitter synthesis.”

A second case study recently published in the Summer 2013 volume of Advances found that EMPowerplus helped reduce ADHD symptoms in a 24-year old female subject. The effectiveness was diminished in the presence of a Candida yeast infection, but returned following treatment, suggesting a connection between
brain health and nutrient absorption.

Both studies add to the growing body of research on EMPowerplus Q96, which now includes 22 published studies conducted by researchers worldwide. "These studies are exciting additions to the academic research on EMPowerplus Q96, and to brain and
mental health. They confirm that micronutrients can make a remarkable impact on the quality of life,” said Anthony Stephan, the product’s formulator. “I am proud of my partnership with Q Sciences, which is making this formula more accessible to people worldwide.”

About EMPowerplus™ Q96

EMPowerplus™ Q96 has a 16-year history of helping promote brain health and mental wellness. A micronutrient formula containing 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, EMPowerplus™ Q96 is backed by more than $25 million in independent research conducted at universities in four countries, and is the most widely studied micro-nutrient supplement for brain health.

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